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If you are a developer programing in php symfony drupal spaghetti code wordpress

PHP Sevilla, born in july of 2014, with the goal to connect people, working or using PHP technologies every day. We are committed to organise a monthly Meetup not only to share our knowledge and experience but also to have a good time.

At PHP Sevilla Meetup you will hear about PHP ecosystem, programming and work in general.

If you want to join us, do not hesitate to show up. You only need to join our Meetup group at meetup.com and confirm your attendance.

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02 August

[Online] - Debugeando aplicaciones PHP

MEETUP ONLINE ¿Un meetup online?Hasta ahora siempre hemos hecho un descanso en verano.Los motivos son obvios... hace tela de caló 🔥, y eso que este año no es el más caluroso pero ... prefiero irme a la playa , montaña o simplemente quedarme en casa c ...

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