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    PHP Sevilla 019

PHP Sevilla 019 April 27th at 7:00pm

If you are a developer programing in php symfony drupal spaghetti code wordpress

PHP Sevilla, born in july of 2014, with the goal to connect people, working or using PHP technologies every day. We are committed to organise a monthly Meetup not only to share our knowledge and experience but also to have a good time.

At PHP Sevilla Meetup you will hear about PHP ecosystem, programming and work in general.

If you want to join us, do not hesitate to show up. You only need to join our Meetup group at meetup.com and confirm your attendance.

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PHP Sevilla 017 - API RESTful & Angular JS 2

19:00 a 19:30: OAuth2.0. Desgranando OAuth2.0 al máximo. Cómo configurar OAuth2.0 en tu proyecto y comprender qué es y qué hace. 19:30 a 20:30: Conectando backend con aplicación en Angujar JS 2. Se realizará una aplicación en tiempo real para ver cóm ...

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28 March

PHP Sevilla 018 - Despliega usando AWS Elastic Beanstalk

19:00 - 20:30 - Despliegue ágil usando AWS Desarrollar, desplegar y escalar una aplicación en PHP con Elastic Beanstalk, la herramienta de Amazon para crear de manera sencilla instancias con balanceado de carga y escalado automático.Cómo hacer que tu ...

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